# Environment Variable

Specify environment variables (required or optional) used by your script.

If an environment variable is defined as required (false by default), the execution of the script will be halted with a friendly error if it is not set.

In addition, you can specify a default value for the environment variable, which will be used in case the user has not defined it in their environment.

  - name: config_path
    help: Location of the config file
    default: ~/config.ini
  - name: api_key
    help: Your API key
    required: true

# Basic Options

# name

String Required

The name of the variable. Use a lowercase name, it will be automatically capitalized wherever needed.

# help


The message to display when using --help. Can have multiple lines.

# Common Options

# default


The value to use in case it is not provided by the user. Implies that this environment variable is optional.

Environment Variables Example

# private


Setting this to true on any environment variable, will hide it from the help text.

# required


Specify if this variable is required.